A Brand Brought To Life

CARINA founder Hala Kassem was determined to find a solution for women in Egypt, who were facing limited wardrobe choices. She wanted to create a brand that would become the intimate friend of every Egyptian woman. She came up with a brilliant solution; seamless body wear for women that conquer conservative social norms. Equipped with the right tools, Hala built an empire through this passion and vision so every women out there can wear what they feel comfortable in.

The revolutionary brand that is not only comfortable, but also fashionable at the same time, flourished into what is now available in over 78 stores throughout Egypt.CARINA wear brand has grown to become its own brand name and a prestigious leader in the market.

Hala thrives on helping women and vows to make CARINA every women’s first choice. She has her bar set high for regional and global expansion with emphasis on CARINA’s mission: To complete every woman’s wardrobe with easy access to a wide selection of smart designs and basic-wear.

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